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Product Information


Here you'll find more information on the sporting firearm systems currently available from S & M Arms.

Hydra Modular AR15



The Hydra is a completely modular development of the AR platform ​which allows the civilian the most versatile firearm on the planet.


They are able to switch between more calibers than any other rifle in under 2 minutes as well as allowing the user to change between barrel lengths and calibers in about 20 seconds.


The Hydra - One licensed firearm with infinite configurations!

Pistol Carbine Conversion (CCU)


What exactly is the CCU system? It is an 'upper' for a semi-automatic pistol. This is a photo of what we call Model 1 which is the entry level for both Glock and 1911 pistols.


You can add any number of accessory items to the models, such as sights, adjustable stocks and additional rail systems.


The unit comes completely assembled and test fired.  Installation of stocks, rails and flash hider, see our Accessories page, ordered with the initial purchase is free.

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